Category: Medical Division

The bone processing device was exhibited at the JSOA, JSJ, and AMJSSF.

In 2023, the Medical Division exhibited the bone processing device at 3 academic conferences, gathering the opinions of orthopedic doctors in various specializations about whether the bone processing device could be applied to a wide range of orthopedic fields.

At the Arthritis Conference, we received opinions related to each specialty area, such as “It seems to be good for arthritis and cases around the elbow.” (Olecranon fractures, etc.). At the Podiatric Surgery Conference, we received many questions regarding the strength of bone such as “Will the bones break after processing?”―perhaps because the foot bears the full weight of the body. We were again able to recognize the possibility of using bone processing device in various fields. In addition, the planned 3D processing function was well received at both conferences, and we were able to confirm once again that there is no discrepancy between the direction of the bone processing device aims for and the needs of doctors.

While addressing the issues that have emerged from the doctor’s feedback, we will continue to proceed with the direction of development for the bone processing device.