Medical & Biomass-Plastic Composite

Medical×NissinBringing new possibilities to the world

Nissin has started developing medical devices based
on the automobile industry’s technology

After WWII, Nissin Manufacturing was founded as a manufacturer of sewing machine parts, and then it moved on to manufacturing car engine parts. Nissin Manufacturing, which has always addressed manufacturing seriously and reliably, is now earnestly engaged in the development of medical devices
In 2015, the company launched the medical device business. The idea originated from a young employee who wanted to contribute to people's healthy lives by applying Nissin Manufacturing's strength in precision parts processing technology to medical devices. At the end of 2017, the company began participating in the establishment of a fracture treatment support system, which had been researched by the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Shimane University School of Medicine. This is an attempt to create bone screws, a joining material used in fracture treatment, from the patient's own bone.
As part of the project, Nissin Manufacturing began the development of a multifunctional bone processing machine that processes bone screws, based on the technology to process 3D block-shaped parts cultivated through the development of machine tools.
Subsequently, on October 1, 2022, Nissin FULFIL Co., Ltd. started operation as a company engaged in the medical device business and biomass plastic business.

Medical care that opens up a new future starts here

The hurdles to entering the medical industry were higher than expected. We needed to comply with standards set for medical devicest and understand the difference in the concepts of ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ between medical and manufacturing environments. Additionally, we were developing a medical device in a new field.
As we overcame each of such difficulties, what we found was the power of people. The determination to create a medical device that could potentially affect the lives of patients, the spirit to formulate a hypothesis and move forward in the face of uncertainty, and the toughness to turn a difficult challenge into motivation. We truly believe that these basic qualities of people are the source of the power to create things that do not yet exist in the world.
We started developing this machine to help people spend time in good health and live a richer life. Now, returning to such a starting point, we continue to work toward the realization of medical care that opens up a new future.