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Medical Division participated in Global Navigation

Members of the Medical Division spent 10 days in Singapore and Melbourne, to participate in Global Navigation, part of the Medical-Engineering Collaboration Innovation Promotion Project (AMED, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

[Visit and Interview Destinations]

Singapore (Nov. 22 to 24): 11 facilities (Medical institutions, government agencies, and companies), 2 individual interviews (orthopedic surgeons)

Melbourne (Nov. 27 to 30): 9 facilities, 2 individual interviews (orthopedic surgeon, KOL)

We introduced the bone processing device to local orthopedic surgeons, they gave us favorable feedback, similar to the feedback at the exhibition in Japan, stating that it has “potential and value” and that the planned 3D processing function is “very promising.”

The KOL we interviewed in Melbourne introduced us to other well-known orthopedic surgeons, and we were able to have a web interview after returning to Japan.

We had the opportunity to expand our company’s network for overseas business development. One medical entity offered us new ideas, such as treatment for injured racehorses. We also received requests for brochures from several companies we visited.

We will continue to push forward with the development of the bone processing device, utilizing the power of other participating companies aiming at the global market.