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Medical Division members participate in IFFAS 2024

From May 30 to June 1, four members from the Medical Division participated in IFFAS 2024 held in Seoul, South Korea.

IFFAS, the International Federation of Foot & Ankle Societies, is an organization representing orthopedic surgeons from across the globe. As the name suggests, the conference brought together orthopedic surgeons from around the world to discuss each other’s research.

At this conference, Dr. Shinji Imade of Shimane University gave a poster presentation on his research using the bone processing machine. His posters attracted the interest of several doctors who read the presentation in earnest.

Several products on display at the corporate exhibition were labeled “fused with autologous tissue” and “biocompatible,” reinforcing the fact that this is a global trend and that the bone processing machine is moving in the same direction.

We will make use of the global perspectives and discoveries gained through our participation in this international conference to develop the bone processing machine.