Category: Medical Division

OCCI President Torii visits Nissin FULFIL to inspect Osaka’s Monozukuri, manufacturing in Osaka.

President Torii Shingo of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also serving as the representative director and vice chairperson of Suntory Holdings Ltd., undertook a visit to the Nissin FULFIL Osaka Plant on January 26, 2024.

Since assuming the office, President Torii has championed the revival of manufacturing in Osaka. His visit to Nissin FUFIL was intended to assess the state of manufacturing in Osaka firsthand.

During the visit an overview of our parent company, Nissin Manufacturing, was provided. In addition, the inception of the medical business and its integration into Nissin FULFIL were explained. President Torii took a keen interest in the bone processing device currently in development, recognizing the formidable challenge of pioneering novel solutions in a new field. He remarked, “Developing something new to the world, something unprecedented, without established standards is difficult task.” expressing his admiration for the endeavor.

The delegation observed the operation of the bone processing device at our cutting-edge development site, gaining insight into the forefront in manufacturing. The presentation by the head of development, which included demonstrations of the device and its potential surgical applications, garnered significant interest from the visitors. Their messages of future support reinforced our commitment to advancing our business with unwavering determination and broad-based backing.